We use the latest vehicle tracking technology, enabling us to efficiently deploy our drivers and locate casualty vehicles, consistently achieving prompt response times.

Preventative maintenance is important in providing a reliable service, therefore all of our vehicles are strictly maintained and weekly/monthly/quarterly and annual mechanical inspections are performed. 

The condition/safety of every vehicle is audited annually by a UK body and all vehicles fully comply with PAS 43 requirements.

We take pride in our fleet and all vehicles are thoroughly cleaned inside and out at least weekly making sure our passengers are transported in a clean, comfortable and safe manner.
canter.jpg No.1 - Mitsubishi Canter

This Canter can transport 5 passengers and is fitted with an Enforcer 2 under lift
cant2  No. 2 - Mitsubishi Canter

This is the sister truck to the one above.  As with all our vehicles it carries a good selection of stock.
wp49e96ece.png No.3 - Isuzu NQR Slidebed

This Truck has an alloy body, sliding winch and second car lift. 
hilux No. 4 - Toyota Hilux

Bought as a complete Hilux this vehicle was converted for recovery use by us, including the rebuilding of the rear of the vehicle and the addition of a car lift. With a crew-cab this vehicle can also transport up to 4 passengers from the casualty vehicle, ensuring we do not leave customers stranded on the roadside.
wpec396190.jpg No.5 - Razorback Motorcycle Transporter

This vehicle enables us to transport motorbikes weighing in up to 1 ton.  With a maximum capacity of 2 bikes per load.
Kangoo No. 6 - Renault Kangoo

The Kangoo is fully fitted out for a complete roadside assistance service.  With a seating capacity of 5, we also use this vehicle to transport passengers from accident scenes when they are unable to travel in the Accident Unit.
Midliner  No.7 - Renault Midliner 180 - Accident Unit

We scratch built the slide-bed to our own specification and the truck has an impressive Fassi 10 ton meter crane and can carry up to a 5 ton payload.  The truck is primarily used as an accident unit and is fully equipped for specialist lifting following serious road accidents; there is also the added benefit of a full lift frame attachment.  We have reinforced the bed and can also transport Forklifts up 3 ton.  
daf.jpg 8. - DAF 2700

Bought and shipped as a chassis cab, we fitted our existing equipment to the chassis and then shipped the truck to P & D Cosby, Lincolnshire to have a Zacklift and Garwood winch fitted. Both the lift and winch are rated at 10 tons each.  Once it returned to Jersey we finished building the bodywork.  Having the added benefit of wheel grids, it makes light work of recovering the Islands modern bus and coach fleets as well as recovering various commercial vehicles that require to be lifted from the wheels or axle. 
box No. 9 - Mitsubishi Canter Transporter

Fully enclosed transporter with a TFL Tri-loader body which is fully demountable and has a fantastic 4° loading angle, allowing even very low fronted cars to be loaded safely.  The Box is fully secure with padlocked shutters and the vehicle is fitted with a tracking device and also fitted with ferry rings for full tie-down during rough sailings.
10  No. 10 - Citroen Relay Beavertail transporter

Primarily used at the lighter end of recovery but also very useful for getting into tight driveways that the larger lorries cant get into.  This truck is also ideal for going on the fast ferry when transport in or out of the island is required.
No. 11 - Isuzu NQR 3T Underlift

Currently in build - watch this space!