Accident Recovery


*****New Accident Unit in service - see 'Fleet'******

We handle all accidents with both full professionalism and compassion.  We a
lways aim to respond to an accident call within 30 minutes, dispatching the accident unit immediately when the call comes in.

We understand that people are often shocked and shaken after being in an accident and our drivers will do their upmost to get you home safely without unnecessary delay.
The Porsche on the right came to rest in a field with the remains of a shattered tree on top of it.  Using our HIAB crane we were able to safely lift the Porsche and transport it from the scene for inspection. 

We have an extensively equipped accident unit with a total lift cradle which enables all four wheels to be picked up evenly. 

The slidebed has a capacity of 5 tones which allows us to fully lift and recover a light commercial.